Apartments In Raleigh Is Bad

Why Using Picture Hanging Systems In Apartments In Raleigh Is Bad

There are many people who would recommend the use of alternate picture hanging systems instead of simple hanging nails. Now it is not a secret that nails damage your walls, but do picture hanging systems fix your walls or not affect them at all? There are many contradictions regarding the use of these systems. However, at the end of the day the majority of people place the use of picture hanging systems above the use of nails. As much as one might like to disagree, there are however a lot of disadvantages to the use of picture hanging systems especially if you are renting furnished apartments.

The first of the many different alternate techniques used to is the use of adhesive tape. This technique can be very beneficial if you cut little strips and fold them to make them look like a circle. Using these at the corners of posters to hang them up on the wall works greatly. But, that is only up till the point that you hang them up. When it comes to removing these posters or hanging new ones, one needs to peel off this tape. Peeling this off will most definitely leave marks back on the wall. These marks are very difficult to remove and with the passage of time they will collect dust, grit and grime. Also the possibility of your posters falling is also great as this is not the best of sticking options in Raleigh nc apartments.

Next up, you have the use of sticky hangers. Again, highly recommended by most people, sticky hangers work a lot better than the adhesive tape technique mentioned above. The disadvantage of this technique is a lot more than the one mentioned before. When it comes to removing sticky hangers, the plaster of the walls peels off. Also the paint is removed wherever they are applied and removing them simply removes more paint. It would be most likely that you need to repaint your walls later or even repair them for need or new plaster work. And having that done to your furnished nc apartments is definitely not anyone’s best idea or choice.

Poster tacks are another option that is also available in many places. These can be considerably useful and can get the job done. But, the major disadvantage of this kind of hanging system is the fact that it does not support heavier pictures and their frames. It is only good for smaller and lighter items as it fails as a functional picture hanging system once the load increases. Having something that only works perfectly when the load is less is not a very reliable option to have.

Using a hanging hook and a cord is also a technique that has been around for a while now. Although this one will not work effectively or efficiently when the load increases, too, it is still being used by many. Conclusively, the only for-sure and reliable technique to use for hanging purposes is the trusty nail. Even if it damages your apartments in raliegh walls, you can always fix it later.