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Disadvantages Of Using Community Pool In Apartments In Raleigh

There are many people who would love renting furnished apartments with a pool. Not only do they term it as free entertainment, but, they also find it an easy means of entertainment. This is precisely why apartments with a community pool often charge a lot more than just any other ordinary apartment. There are many reasons behind that, but, one of the main reasons is because the demand for such apartments is a lot greater than the other apartments. Also, pool maintenance costs are automatically added to every tenant’s rent regardless of whether they are using the pool or not.

However, there are many disadvantages to the use of a community pool in Raleigh nc apartments. Most people might like to disagree on this point, but, it is a fact. And having to list down a few of the ways on how the use of a community pool is in fact not beneficial, the very first thing on the list is disease. The community pool is quite unlike a private pool and it does not allow only a singular person to enjoy its use. The pool is open for all tenants and everyone has the right and authority to use it at will, which means that they can use it whenever and for however long they wish.

As long as a private pool is concerned, only you and your family are permissible to use it. And as far as hygiene is concerned, you can account for the hygiene of your family members. But, when it comes to the community pool, you cannot account for all the tenants’ hygiene or cleanliness. You cannot even ensure that no one pees in the pool. This causes for you to fall privy to a series of diseases and germs. And having to acquire a germ or a disease due to your neighbor is a rather disgusting idea. Also, it kind of ruins your stay at apartments in raliegh.

If in case you decided to not use the community pool at the furnished nc apartments, you are still in a bad situation. As mentioned before, the rent that you are already paying includes the costs of the pool maintenance and cleaning. So, whether you are a user of the pool or not, you are still paying for its maintenance. Why would you need to pay for an amenity that you are not even using? This is precisely why you should always opt for an apartment that does not host a community pool. Not only will you be saving yourself from a number of different diseases and germs, but you will also be paying a lot less rent.

Having to go to a pool at a club is a lot better. Hygiene is taken care of as so is your safety. Also, the walk there can account for added exercise to help you stay in shape and fix your physique. A win-win situation either way, it is always advised to not use a pool that other people use especially when you cannot account for their cleanliness and hygiene.